As Heard on Texas NPR: “Y’all just need to mask-up already…”

Deadwilder, Ink.

Dead-On Design for the Wilder State of Mind

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covid-19 Posters + Social media assets

Amplifier.org’s Global Open Call For Art launched in response to COVID-19 has awarded $60,000 to artists worldwide ($1,000 apiece for 60 artists) who submitted works promoting public health awareness in the face of the pandemic. Selected from over 10,000 entries, Erin King–owner and founder of Deadwilder, Ink.– was one of the 60 award-winning artists chosen to represent the campaign. Using her trademark sense of humor,  the poster series titled Everyday Heroes Against Covid-19 serves as an important reminder, that not fitting into the norm, is a superpower in and of itself.
Thanks to Amplifier, this high-res art is free* for anyone to download, print and share.

Free Hi-Res Rednecks Poster

If your #currentmood is:
“I’m fixina have to shoot down the ’Rona ,” then you’re a Redneck Hero Against Covid-19.

Time to mask up
+ git ‘er down.

Free Hi-Res Loners Poster

If your #currentmood is:
“I Love Social Distancing,” then you’re a Loner Hero Against Covid-19.

Time to mask up + stay hunkered down.

Free Hi-Res Deviants Poster

If your #currentmood is:
“Eff the man AND eff this ‘Rona sh*t,” then you’re a Deviant Hero Against Covid-19.

Time to mask up + take it down.


Full set of social media ready images for all you Deviants, Loners, and Rednecks who need a little cheeky humor as inspiration to mask up + shoot down the ‘Rona!

*This free downloadable artwork is not to be sold or used for profit in any form without written consent from Deadwilder, Ink and Amplifier.org
Amplifier and Deadwilder, Ink, do not authorize illegal postings of artwork (i.e., vandalism.) Be aware of laws in your local community.